“Jogindar Paul Singh: The Optical Magician”

Clear Cool Optical is an eye care centre in Abbotsford, BC, owned and operated by Jogindar Paul Singh and his wife Surjit Kaur. The couple created Clear Cool Optical nearly 25 years ago when they made the decision to move from Toronto to Abbotsford. Although, Jogindar Paul’s optical background did not begin in Canada, but began in India with his father, Dr. Raja Singh, a very talented optician and inventor. Jogindar Paul describes his father as a genius and as someone who inspired him to pursue the eye care profession. Jogindar Paul received immense educational training in the eye care field in India and successfully started up his own business, consulting for many high profile individuals, including the former President of India. Despite becoming a doctor and creating a successful business in India, Jogindar Paul decided to immigrate to Canada in 1988 in search and hope for a better life and better opportunities for himself and his family members.
Jogindar Paul Singh arrived in Toronto in 1988, where he unfortunately discovered his educational credentials from India were not deemed relevant by the Canadian government. The lack of recognition of his hard work and educational training in India led to some setbacks and barriers for Mr. Singh. He was forced to work as a security guard and took on the odd labor job in order to support and provide for his family. Jogindar Paul is passionate about his profession and believes in the work he does, which is why he was determined to work as a sight-testing Optician in Canada. Jogindar Paul, alongside his wife Surjit Kaur, got their educational training in Canada and received their licenses to practice as Opticians. Jogindar and Surjit believe in trusting their patient’s judgment when it comes to sight testing, as they believe the patient always knows what is best, and they are there to guide them to understand the whole process. Jogindar Paul is confident in his experience and knowledge in the eye care field and believes that is what has given him the success he has achieved and the respect he has gained in the community.
Jogindar Paul has a strong history with the optical business that continues on through his sons, Preet Paul Singh and Maninder Paul Singh, and grandson, Jaspreet Paul Singh, who have all dedicated their lives to this field. Jaspreet made the family proud when he secured 1st Position in Optometry and received an award from the former President of India. Singh mentioned that there are four generations of Opticians and Optometrists in his family, with businesses located in both Canada and India. Jogindar Paul’s eye care center in India is located in Nehru Place. Jogindar Paul is a firm believer in family and has been working in the optical field with his wife, Surjit, since the beginning of their marriage. Mr. Singh describes his wife as “the backbone of the business” and as someone who has gotten him through many tough times and situations. Jogindar and Surjit both agree that a working relationship between two partners is strongest when both partners “accept, appreciate, and respect” one another.
Jogindar and Surjit have visited countries all over the world; their shared hobby is travelling and meeting new people wherever they go. Jogindar Paul feels fortunate and blessed that he has been able to see many parts of the world and be exposed to new cultures and customs. Jogindar Paul is passionate about serving his community members and giving back to the Sikh community. One of the main ways he does this is through his profession. Jogindar Paul has over 50 years of experience in sight testing and has devoted his whole life to the eye care field. Singh believes in helping people by getting the correct prescription and frames that are best suited for them. Jogindar Paul sees his business less as a means to earn money but more as a humanitarian service, in which he truly wants to help people see to their best ability and ensure their eyes are healthy and strong. Jogindar Paul has cured several thousand cases of Migraine that were related to wrong prescriptions, wrong dispensing, and wrong selection of frames. Jogindar Paul explained that the eye has direct effects on the body and because the eye is an extension of the brain sometimes refractive errors of the eye are related to memory and temperament problems. Therefore, it is important to obtain proper eye care from a trusted eye care professional, such as Jogindar Paul Singh, a sight specialist who truly cares about the health of his patients.
Mr. Singh is also a strong and firm believer in God, and believes that God helps people through him. He feels blessed by God to be in a field that he is so passionate about and to have patients who come for his eye care services from Toronto, Vancouver and the USA. Jogindar and Surjit are trustworthy, professional, and highly qualified Opticians who believe in putting the health and needs of their patients first. Clear Cool Optical is a family run business that carries a wide range of designer frames and a variety of different eye care services, which includes sight testing. Clear Cool Optical has a fully equipped optical unit, in which most prescriptions can be made within the hour, with reasonable pricing made available. Jogindar Paul Singh and Surjit Kaur are a Canadian immigrant success story in every aspect, and continue to further the esteemed reputation of Punjabis in Canada.