A cup of tea with Mr. Maghar Singh Dhaliwal

“Education provides us knowledge and knowledge is the ultimate power”

These are not just mere words, but the ground on which South Asian Business Association (SABA) works. The South Asian Business Organisation is a structure formed on the shoulders of some visionary South Asians who want to bring about a positive change in the society. The organisation focuses on empowering people who want to reach the epitomes in the field of their interest but because of the financial obstruction they abstain themselves from their dreams. SABA keeps on arranging one or the other informative sessions in order to spread awareness regarding various subjects. Not only this, they arrange various fundraising events to raise scholarships.

Recently SABA hosted a very informational Networking event, following which, The Asian Star got a chance to sit with one of its founder members- Mr. Maghar Singh Dhaliwal for a cup of tea. With his defined focus and simplistic approach, Mr. Dhaliwal is an ideal role model for anybody who has just landed in Canada with some dreams. His inspiring words, compassionate nature and progressive thinking doubled the positive oomph of the moment. His journey of settlement in Canada is a catalyst to motivate the society.

“I worked with Punjab and Sindh bank in India from 1973 to 1992. After coming to Canada, I was placed as a Bank Manager at a small credit union within two weeks of time”, told Mr. Dhaliwal.

As his daughter pursued her further education at UBC, Mr. Dhaliwal shifted his residence to Surrey and he worked with Surrey Metro, presently known as The Coast Capital Bank. Rolling through the colors of his voyage, Mr. Dhaliwal started as a Mortgage broker in year 1996. Mr. Dhaliwal now owns his own Mortgage group under the name of Bestway Mortgage Corporation.

“In 1996, our community was not aware of the field. Nobody knew what Mortgage Brokerage was. I studied about the subject and realised the potential of this field. Once I stepped into it and saw the returns, I never looked back”, smiled Mr. Dhaliwal.

Mr. Dhaliwal, with his depth knowledge of his field, was approached by many renowned financial institutions to join in but the man served the society as an independent broker. Now, it has been 20 years for him to be in Mortgage Brokerage.

On asking about the idea of SABA, Mr. Dhaliwal told us that he was actively involved with Indo-Canadian Business Association (ICBA) and even served the organization as a president in year 2000 but due to some conflicts going around with the selection procedure for next president, Mr. Dhaliwal along with 90% other members left the organization and started with South Asian Business Association. Till now, SABA has provided $70,000 for this fund to KPU.

“The main source of our funding is based on our annual networking Golf Tournament”, told Mr. Dhaliwal.

The amount generated from this event is then donated to KPU. As per the scholarship nominations, SABA doesn’t play any role in that.

“We don’t nominate students for this funding, it’s solely the decision of KPU’s Management”, told Mr. Dhaliwal.

The criterion to select the deserving candidate is based on his/her academic performance, financial status and the urge to study.

“We believe in education. If one is educated then he/she can take better care of his/herself and also the surroundings”, told Mr. Dhaliwal.

This scholarship gets directed in three fields including business studies, nursing studies and very newly started Journalism studies.

This initiative taken by SABA has already changed lives of many deserving students and they plan on continuing the same at a larger scale with each year passing by.

“This society has given us so much that I think it’s our responsibility to give it back and SABA is a platform to give our community the best, i.e. more educated youth”, smiled Mr. Dhaliwal.

For more details, contact:

Mr. Maghar S. Dhaliwal

Tel: 604-501-2115

Cell: 604-807-2808

Email: bestwaymortgage@shaw.ca