Surrey launches interactive walking map to help pedestrians plan their routes

The City of Surrey launched an interactive walking map to help residents plan their routes and “incorporate active transportation into their daily activities.”

The web-based map, called WALKit, allows users to locate crosswalks, pedestrian push buttons, pedestrian signs and traffic signals to help them plan their route “while also being able to explore places of interest in the community,” a city news release notes.

“WALKit is a unique free tool that aims to increase pedestrian travel amongst seniors and enhance the quality of life as people age,” said Sahra-Lea Tosdevine-Tataryn, age-friendly-strategy project manager. “It factors how seniors commute within their community and supports health active aging.”

A feedback form also allows users to share their walking experience, comment on a particular route and report any problems. The feedback could be used in the future to help with route improvements, the city notes.

The WALKit project is a joint effort between the city and a number of organizations, including the Surrey Intercultural Senior Social Inclusion Partnership Network, and is part of Surrey’s Age Friendly Strategy for Seniors, which was created in 2014.