South Asian Seniors – Visiting 6 Scandinavian Countries of Europe From Lakshmi Narayan Hindu Temple Surrey, 12th May to 28th May 2016.

South Asian Seniors  have gone to visit Europe though 12 Nights Cruise & 3days tour of Amsterdam Holland on 12th May 2016. The Cruise Itinerary is as follows- Starts from Amsterdam Holland, first stop 1 day visit Berlin Germany, 2nd stop for 1 day visit Tallinn Estonia, 3rd stop 2 days visit St. Petersburg Russia, 4th stop 1 day visit Helsinki Finland, 5th stop 1 day visit Stockholm Sweden, 6th stop 1 day visit Copenhagen Denmark and back to Amsterdam Holland the 13th day morning. All arrangements for Air Travel, Cruise bookings, all Excursions for all ports and Amsterdam City, Hotel stay & food in Amsterdam and also pick up service by Bus from Surrey Temple to Vancouver airport and back to Temple from Vancouver airport on return have been organized by Surendra Handa Coordinator Vedic Seniors Parivar Center of Vedic Hindu Cultural Society Surrey.. The Cruise is by Ship Celebrity Silhouette from May 14th 2016 to May 26th 2016. All  56 South Asian Seniors will be back in Surrey Temple from Tour/ Cruise of North Europe on 28th May 2016.


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