Nix political leaders’ salary top-ups: poll

A new Angus Reid poll has found very strong support for ending the practice of political parties paying their leaders a salary top up, as is the case in B.C.

The Angus Reid poll with a randomized sample of just over 1,500 Canadians found 81% think salary top ups from party to leader should be stopped.

62% would also like to see corporate and union donations to political parties become an extinct practice as well.

Not surprisingly in B.C., where Premier Christy Clark is taking heat for her up to $50,000 stipend, people feel more strongly about the issue.

However, the support to end salary top ups for party leaders was strong – exceeding 80% in each province across the country – with the exception of Saskatchewan where it was 73%.

Saskatchewan Premier Brad Wall is the only leader in the country other than Clark to receive a party top-up on top of their taxpayer paid salary.


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