Targeted shooting in Guildford area left one man injured

Shooting near a Guildford area restaurant left one man injured, as police swarmed a strip mall in Surrey’s Guildford neighbourhood around 8:30pm on Tuesday night after a targeted attack took place and seven gunshots were heard by witnesses.

The victim was outside of the Sushi Rei restaurant sitting in a Mercedes by himself when he was injured. A bullet hole can be seen in the window of the restaurant, which just celebrated its grand opening.

The injured man is in his 30s and in hospital after what Mounties are calling a frightening, brazen shooting at a busy sushi restaurant.

It’s believed the victim is involved in criminal activity but it’s too early to say if the incident is gang-related.

The public nature of Surrey’s latest shooting has Mounties concerned. Staff Sgt. Dale Carr said the force has assigned its “best people” on the case.

“It’s frightening, it’s brazen, and it’s something again, that this community doesn’t want to stand for,” he said.

“We take it very, very seriously.”

Carr said they have not determined if the violence is related to recent shootings in the city.

Investigators remained at the scene throughout the evening and could be seen putting evidence into bags in the parking lot. A Mercedes was towed away.

Shortly after the shooting a man on a motorcycle was detained by police, although he was released without charges the following morning.