Innovating for environment: Shawn Davis

By: Chhavi Disawar

“Ever since I was young I’ve always wanted to and
I’ve worked on businesses”, said Shawn while have
a chat about his interests with us. Shawn Davis
is a proud name for the business sector as his
innovation and ideology has created a product
that is highly benefitting the environment. For this product
he was given Young Innovator award and Environmental
award for small business by Surrey Board of Trade last year.
“Just after ending my high school, I started my own lawn
cleaning company, though not on a larger scale, it was still
renowned in the neighbourhood”, he told.
To give his interest a shape, he got his formal education
in the field of business and gained experience working
in the real estate sector of UBC. He always wanted to
come up with something that could benefit people and
the surroundings. This vision of his started moulding
into a shape around three years ago and that was the time
when his product Compy came into the existence.
“Organic waste separation was coming out
during that time. Surrey, Toronto, San Francisco
were thee areas facing major challenges with
the problem and we came up with this
solution””, smiled Shawn. The product is easily available
around the cities and is 100% made in BC. All one has
to do with Compy is to bring it home and put the plant based
product in the organic waste bin. It is a great way
to deal with organic waste as the product helps in easy
and healthy composting of the kitchen waste which
controls bad odor, pests and flies problem. Also the
decomposed kitchen waste then converts into the
manure which is healthy for plant growth.
“Apart from business, I was also interested in
Sciences which made me take science courses
at the school and I have tried to collaborate my
science and business knowledge for this product”,
said Shawn.
This product because of its environmental benefits
is supported by various cities including City of Surrey,
Langley etc.
“Our long term hope is to help as many people as possible
started from their residence to their businesses”, he said.
The product is now focusing on American market as well
as there is a huge demand for organic waste composting.
Also, local universities are working on organic waste
removal as well which will definitely bring some great new
changes and awareness amongst people.
Composting has many great benefits to them, including
decrease in greenhouse
gas emissions. Also the compost that is made from the
organic waste can be used for energy generation, farming
and much more.
As of now, around 8, 90,000 households in Metro
Vancouver practise composting and 1, 50,000 households
from Surrey are doing it.
Shawn is planning to take his idea to the next level. “We
are thinking to supply composed material in the industries
where it is beneficial, including harvest power supply, which
can be a milestone in the field and can benefit many people.
For more enquiries, call: 604.671.5510