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Woman of Substance: Manmohan Kaur Sekhon

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They say ,’hardwork pays off well’, and if that hardwork is mixed up with set goals and dedication, it create wonders. When someone starts off with one thing, he/she is excited for the result; however, in lieu of achieving success fast, they forget their targets and end up messing things together.

Talking about starters in Financial Services, it’s a matter of huge commitment and sincerity. The glittery field attracts almost everyone out there but sustaining is not everyone’s cup of tea.

However if we talk about Manmohan, this lady with her commitment, hard work ,and result oriented approach has achieved the dream of millions who enter this field. Manmohan is an independent insurance broker who is working as a Financial Advisor at Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network at Richmond South Financial Centre. Being from education background and having worked as a Botany Professor at Govt. College of Girls, Sector 42, Chandigarh, India she likes to keep herself updated with ongoing matters in the fields of her interest.

“I love reading, especially something that adds up to my skills of Financial Planning. I like to be at par and motivate myself to achieve more everyday”, told Manmohan in an interview with The Asian Star.

Manmohan is a focused lady who has a clear vision of her targets. Her hard work and ideology of being consistent in her profession is the key for her to win Rookie of the Year award 2015 at such an initial stage which has also been covered by prominent Punjabi news channel in Canada and India. Manmohan has earned Master’s title in Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network in her first year that has put her amongst the elite of the network.

“I am thankful to my MD Mr. Perminder Chohan for his stupendous guidance for my success. I am in the field of Financial Planning with Desjardins from past one year but it feels great to see your toil reaping the fruit well deserved”, smiled Manmohan.

Remembering her first achievement she told, “I won 16/16 challenge earlier last year. This challenge is a part of our synergy training ,where we are suppose to complete 16 policies in 16-week’s time. I was so passionate for the field that I completed the full challenge within eight weeks.”

After winning the first task, she never looked back and with her perseverance she was elected as the leader of her financial centre by Desjardins Financial Security Independent Network and got her name in Top 10 list of DFSIN in submitted business, Canada wide in Pursuit of Excellence 2015 awards.

” I have won Recruit’s Conference, Toronto where I will be going in May this year. Also I will be heading towards Dubrovnik, Croatia and Vienna, Austria for Masters and Sales Conference respectively during the same time. Now my focus is to sustain my position and inspire other people to come along”, smiled Manmohan.

The beauty of Manmohan’s consultancy is that she never rushes to sell products to her clients. She always analyses the need of her clients and prepare options catering to their priorities.

“The problem today in Financial Services is that masses listen to the unlicensed people that becomes very difficult for a learned Financial Planner to tackle with. My advice to such people is that before making any decision, they should always seek for a second opinion from a licensed advisor”, told Manmohan.

Manmohan’s husband Rajdeep Sekhon is also a well renowned Financial Advisor who’s serving the community with his services for past four years. Apart from this, his passion for singing has put him to the spotlight amongst various communities.

“The support of your family is the most important element in your recipe of success. I am highly thankful to my partner and daughters for the unconditional support in my hard times”, said Manmohan.

Manmohan started her career under the guidance of Mr. Rajdeep Sekhon who is currently training five new recruits in the field. Also he guides them with Marketing and Sales techniques in order to make them successful like Manmohan.

” We as a team are proactive and we look forward to create a group of winning professionals who could inspire others in the community like we are inspiring at this point”, smiled Manmohan.

Manmohan is a full-time Financial Planner unlike others who take it as a part-time profession and that makes all the difference. Apart from being a very professional lady, Manmohan’s creative side is worth appreciating.

” I like to do creative writing and cooking in my free time. Also I try to maintain my time schedule and spend quality time with my family”, told Manmohan.

The Sekhon team is adroit at providing services inclusive of Life Insurance, Critical Illness Insurance, Disability Insurance, Super Visa, Visitor/ Travel/ Medical Insurance, RESP, RRSP and TFSA.

For details and trustworthy services,

Contact: Manmohan Sekhon

(604) 358-0590


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