Joga Singh Sanga’s slate optimistic about election

Joga Singh Sangha’s Sikh Sangat  Sevadar Slate has been carrying a
consistent two-pronged message  from the start of the campaign; firstly,
the current executive committee  operates without transparency and
accountability, and secondly, the Sikh  Sangat Sevadar Slate is looking towards
a future of unity. So far, they appear to  be successful. The heatedly contested
issue of past elections has been over the  langar (dining) hall and whether the
Sikh Sangat Sevadar Slate will keep its current arrangement with tables and
chairs. “Absolutely,” says Mr. Sangha. “The incumbent slate has been so
focused on dividing the congregation on what happens in the langar hall,
that it has been neglecting the darbar (congregation) hall for nearly two
decades.” Mr. Sangha and his party insist that it’s time to leave the politics of
yesterday in the past.