Gas price set to hit record high in Metro Vancouver this weekend

Gas prices are set to hit record-breaking highs across BC including Metro Vancouver and Victoria, are set to rise in Vancouver by 8 cents. If those predictions unfold, gas prices near you will be much more daunting next time you fill up your vehicle. In Vancouver on Tuesday, gas cost 181.9 cents per litre, compared with 193.9 cents expected on Thursday, a rise of 12 cents in just 48 hours. Meanwhile, gas prices across other parts of BC are also on the rise. In Victoria, gas prices are set to jump from 176.9 cents per litre on Tuesday to 187.9 cents a litre on Thursday.
The cost of filling up at the gas station in Kelowna on Thursday is expected to cost 175.9 cents per litre and gas prices in Kamloops are predicted to be at 175.9 cents per litre. B.C. gas prices sit above what other cities across Canada are experiencing.

In Toronto, gas prices are expected to go up by 7 cents on Thursday to 167.9 cents per litre.

By Thursday, Montreal gas prices are predicted to sit at 180.9 cents per litre, while gas prices in Winnipeg will hover around 163.9 cents per litre.

However, gas prices in Calgary and Edmonton are expected to sit much lower at 153.9 and 150.9 cents per litre, respectively. It remains a distant memory from the days of 68.9 cents per litre just two years ago.