Canadians gouged with high gas prices

While Americans have seen their cheapest summer at
the gas pumps in more than a decade, Metro Vancouver
drivers aren’t getting the same break north of the border.
That situation is unlikely to change, given the weakening
Canadian dollar, higher taxes, refinery surcharges and an
increased retail mark-up by corporate-owned gas stations that just rose from nine cents to 11 cents in the past week, said Dan McTeague, of, an online site that tracks gasoline prices. With oil commodity prices tied to the American dollar and a slew of competition among refineries south of the border, McTeague says “you just can’t win in
Canada.” “All of these elements explain why we have a huge price
delta in what we pay in Vancouver and south of the border,”
he said. “Sure (the Americans) are celebrating but they
haven’t seen the tax increases we’ve seen here, and they
don’t have the dearth of refineries and wholesalers like we


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