B.C. Hydro sees drop in energy demand

B.C. Hydro has recorded the steepest drop in energy demand since the 2008 recession, due to the impacts of COVID-19 in Western Canada.

Since mid-March, B.C. Hydro has experienced a near 10 per cent drop in overall electricity demand across the province. This doubles what was recorded during the 2008 recession, which saw a five per cent decrease in demand.

In a new report titled “Demand dilemma: How B.C. Hydro is responding to declining load and operational challenges resulting from COVID-19”, the hydro company says the decline is expected to continue in the coming months and could see a 12 per cent drop by April 2021.

“However, much uncertainty remains as electricity demand is largely dependent on BC’s relaxation of physical distancing measures, as well as on the global economic recovery, since so much of B.C.’s economic activity is linked to the economic activity of other provinces and nations,” the report reads.


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