A crisp chat with Mr. Rajan Saggi

Buying a home is one of the best experiences and that is where the need of mortgage brokers come into the picture. As of today’s scenario there are huge number of mortgage groups in the market and it gets very tough for one to find the right fit.  Someone who could cater to the needs of the client, someone who could show them a clear picture of the situation rather than sugar coating things and over promising them.

The Asian Star recently got a chance to talk to one of the most experienced and reliable mortgage broker who is highly passionate about helping people to deal with mortgage issues.

Graduating with commerce majors and having a background in finance management in his own business from Punjab, India, Mr. Rajan Saggi now helps people to manage their finances.

Rajan is a Mortgage consultant who came to Canada in 2005 and started his career in sales. After which he decided to enter the Finance Industry. He now has 12 years of experience in the field and has a franchisee of the most renowned The Mortgage Group.

Talking about putting his step in the field, Rajan smiled, “It was not out of chance. I am a B.Comm and was handling banking side of my business in India. I am good with numbers. So, I thought to utilize this skill and be a reason for others to smile.”

“After coming to Canada I started from the scratch. I started my career as a salesman but realised that I had to do something on my own to survive. As I had experience in handling finances already, I decided to pursue this field ahead.”

Rajan is a big time family oriented person who likes to spend time with his wife and children.

For his success in the field, Rajan gives the credit to his wife,” I am highly thankful to my wife for her support and encouragement. She holds a big share in my success. She helps people with life insurances and during my initial years, she helped me a lot with clientele.”

Talking about his best experience in the field, Rajan said,” I have recently done mortgage consultancy for one family in Vancouver. They were living in a two-bedroom basement from past three generations and the great grandfather was in tears once they entered their home.”

For Rajan, it is more of a sense of responsibility to help someone out with the decision of purchasing their first home in Canada.

“People usually get confused at the time of Mortgage consultation because there are a lot of mortgage advisors in the market. However, my advice to them is to go for a consultant who is clear, upfront and honest”, told Rajan.

Rajan is a very organised consultant who, before giving any suggestion to the clients, studies the situation briefly, analyses it and then derives the best possible options for them.


“I am straightforward. I don’t like giving fake hopes to anyone as I study a situation after putting myself into my client’s shoes”, told Rajan.

“I babysit my clients to make them ready in order to provide best of the services. I give them the facts than giving the wrong hopes”, told Rajan.

Apart from being a mortgage broker, Rajan likes to keep himself physically fit, socialise with people around and keeping himself occupied.

For budding professionals, Rajan says it is very important to analyse the client’s situation very deeply before suggesting any product. Also, he told that it is very important for everyone to maintain their credit properly.

Rajan, unlike other advisors is available for his clients 24/7. “I like to work on mutual benefit. If a client is happy, I get satisfield”, said Rajan.

For details please call: 604-767-5050

Or email: saggi.rajan@gmail.com