Woman wins $50 million jackpot in Alberta

woman who wins $50M jackpot says, ‘I’m thinking of buying a new SUV’.

Lois Olsen, who won the Nov. 11 Lotto Max draw, picked up her cheque on Wednesday afternoon in St. Albert. The long-time Irma, Alberta resident said her first order of business is to help out her family. Lois Olsen of Irma, Alta. has her sights on a new ride after winning a $50-million Lotto Max jackpot earlier this month.

“I have my kids, my grandkids, my great-grandkids,” she said. “It will help my entire family.”  After that, she’s got a few other ideas in mind.

“I’m thinking of buying a new SUV, and I’m hoping to do some travelling,” Olsen said. “I used to travel a lot, and I’d like to do a little more now.”   Olsen bought her game-winning ticket at the Irma Co-op. She realized she won the jackpot one day after the draw.

“I took my ticket to the store and scanned it,” she said. “I was speechless!”

“It was surprising and stressful all at once. I really just wanted to get out of the store and get my ticket home.”



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