9 Metro Vancouver taxi companies file legal challenges to stop Uber, Lyft

The battle over ride hailing is heating up in Metro Vancouver as a group of local cab companies is taking Uber, Lyft and Passenger Transportation Board to B.C. Supreme Court to try and stop service in the region. Nine Metro Vancouver cab companies have teamed up and filed two legal challenges. They’re seeking an injunction to halt Uber and Lyft’s Services, while a petition to rescind their licences goes before the court. Court documents name Yellow Cab, Black Top Cabs, Maclure’s Cabs, Vancouver Taxi, North Shore Taxi, Richmond Cabs, Bonny’s Taxi, Burnaby Select Metrotown Taxi and Queen City Taxi as the petitioners.
They claim the PTB is allowing ride hailing companies to operate on more favourable terms than taxis.
“The cornerstone of the regulation of the taxi industry has always been the limit on the number of taxi licences that are granted for a particular geographic area,” reads the petition.
“These limits have been imposed to prevent the destructive competition that would occur if there were unlimited entry into this field – which would result in none of the participants being able to make a living,” it goes on to say. The legal challenges aren’t the only strategy the BC Taxi Association is adopting. “The companies going forward from this day on will not subsidize our accessible vehicles,” said Carolyn Bauer a spokesperson for the association. “We are stopping our policy plan and we are moving forward with if the drivers go, they go, if they don’t they don’t, we are not going to subsidize any more payments for them,” Bauer told CTV News.

The Taxi Association says it won’t subsidize drivers with accessible vehicles because they are too expensive to operate.