Rio Olympics: Silver medal for India’s golden girl, P V Sindhu puts up tough fight

PV Sindhu went down fighting to Spain’s Carolina Marin in the gold medal match of the badminton women’s singles at the Rio Olympics on Friday, clinching silver for India’s second medal at the Games.

Sindhu won the first game 21-19, recovering from a 16-19 deficit to win five points on the trot and take the game. But two-time world champion Marin jumped out to a quick lead in the second game and held on to it, using her favourite combination of a drop shot followed by a smash at the net to win quick points.

In the deciding game, Sindhu fought hard to erase Marin’s initial lead to trail 11-10 at the break. But she lost her momentum after the break and couldn’t catch up in the end.

9.30 PM (IST): India’s Sandeep Tomar is out of the 57kg freestyle wrestling event after his Russian opponent Victor Lebedev fails to make the final.

Victor Lebedev of Russia and Sandeep Tomar compete.

9.15 PM (IST): India’s Sandeep Kumar finishes 34th in the men’s 50km race walk final, with a time of 4:07:55.

Sandeep Kumar during the last lap of the 50km race walk final.

9.03 PM (IST): And that’s it. Carolina Marin wins 19-21, 21-12, 21-15 to win the women’s singles gold. PV Sindhu clinches India’s first badminton silver medal at the Olympics and India’s second medal at Rio. What a performance from both players.


8.58 PM (IST): Gold medal point for Marin now. 20-14

8.56 PM (IST): The pair split the next two points. Marin leads 18-14.

8.54 PM (IST): Two points on the trot for Sindhu, who now trails 14-17.

8.51 PM (IST): Sindhu snaps the streak at 14-11 and appears to have dragged it back to 15-13 but the shot is wide. Marin leads 16-12.

8.48 PM (IST): The break appears to have broken Sindhu’s momentum. She trails Marin 14-10.

8.45 PM (IST): Sindhu hits it just wide and Marin leads 11-10 at the break.

8.43 PM (IST): Well, well, well. That took some time and effort but Sindhu does extremely well to erase Marin’s lead. Things looking more even now at 10-10.

8.42 PM (IST): Long from the Indian and good judgment by Marin to leave it. But Sindhu isn’t deterred, wins the next one to make it 9-10.

8.40 PM (IST): A few points on the trot and Marin’s lead doesn’t seem as substantial now. The PV Sindhu fight is starting to come alive.The Indian trails 9-8.

8.38 PM (IST): Sindhu coming up with some brilliant smashes but the lead proving a tad too big to close down. Not to mention Marin’s excellence. The Spaniard leads 9-5.

8.34 PM (IST): No lack of fight from Sindhu, she wins two on the trot to close the lead to 6-3.

8.32 PM (IST): Marin jumps out to a 5-1 lead with a powerful smash. Sindhu needs to find a way to arrest the Spaniard’s momentum.

8.30 PM (IST): Deciding game underway and Sindhu trails 3-1. She can’t afford to let Marin get away with a lead.

8.27 PM (IST): Game point and Marin converts. We’re going to a deciding game.

Marin stretches to return a smash. (REUTERS)

8.25 PM (IST): Sindhu hits one long. Marin two points away from the second game.

8.23 PM (IST): Second game slipping away from Sindhu’s grasp. Marin leads 18-11.

8.20 PM (IST): Unbelievable returning from Sindhu to put Marin’s smashes back in play. A netted shot from Marin makes it 15-8.

8.18 PM (IST): Sindhu wins a challenge, she’s starting to pull things back. Trails 14-7.

8.16 PM (IST): Sindhu, Marin win a point each. Marin leads 12-5.

8.14 PM (IST): Good start after the break for Sindhu, wins the first two points to trail 11-4.

8.12 PM (IST): Sindhu goes into the break trailing 11-2. She needs to regroup and the break might help her do just that.

8.10 PM (IST): The errors piling one for Sindhu as she lets one drop but it lands in. Trails 9-2.

8.08 PM (IST): Not a good start for Sindhu in the second game, Marin leads 6-1