Raja Dhillon: Right decision and hard work lead up to Success

Since the childhood, we are always taught to set aim and hit for the bull’s eye for a better career. No doubt the approach makes a person focused
but what if someone doesn’t have a clear idea for professional goals and still gives hundred percent of the efforts for every task he/she does? definitely
success will kiss his/her feet. Such is the case with Mr. Raja Dhillon, who is familiar
to most of us in the Greater Vancouver area. With his magnetic personality and connecting smile, this young Real Estate agent captures every heart around him.
“If I am providing my services to someone, I prefer it to be a relationship based
consultancy rather than a mere business of give and take”, told him in an interview with The Asian Star. Raja was always active in co curricular
activities in India. Dancing, Singing and Acting were some of his passions and
he always wanted to pursue acting as his career. “I was not too sure if any other field
was of my interest but whatever I did since my childhood, I would focus myself
to that”, said him. After coming to Canada in 2002, like
many other immigrants he started of with some odd jobs and after a while because
of his natural talent of public speaking, he started working with Radio India.
“Working at the Radio station was the turning point. I got to meet a lot of people
and it was there that I explored my interest in sales. I got into Taxi industry, cellphone
selling and changed many jobs”, smiled Mr. Dhillon. Recalling his past experiences he told that his job as a Sales Person in Surrey Honda
was a confidence booster for him and within his first year
he became the best Sales Person at the organization.
After getting ample of experience with sales, this passionate champ jumped into the
Real estate market and have been doing it for almost six years now.
Every time he talked about Real Estate, his happiness doubled, it seemed
like he had been doing the business since the time he jumped into his professional life. “There were variety of hurdles along my way and there was a time when I left the
field but it seems like this work is made for me, so I came
back”, added Mr. Dhillon. For his success in the field, he credits his way of
dealing with people who seek advice from him. He started his real estate career with Coldwell Banker, where he was ranked no 1. realtor for
last year and recently he has started with Royal Le Page. “Confidence and honesty for the job is what I would say makes you stand out in
t h e f i e l d “, told him. Apart from being a responsible Realtor, Raja is also a very
loving father, who would not leave a moment to spend
with his daughter and son. His wife Gurpreet Dhillon
is a CPA and has recentlyn joined in as a realtor. Raja Dhillon firmly
believes in giving back to the community, and he keeps participating
in community donation activities around the year. He also contributed in Kids
Play’s event. His dedication, attitude and focus itself is an
inspiration for youngsters.
For details contact:  604.249.4444  www.rajadhillon.com