Providing super satisfaction of ethnic flavors

As a part of our daily chores, grocery plays an important role. Canada is a multicultural country with a huge amount of South Asian population living in each part. It has now become an essential measure to introduce the vital ethnic range of
products for every grocery store to attract customers and provide them the best of their needs. South Asian community is known for the spices and wide range of food
items they include in their everyday meals and also the specialities during
their festive seasons. They need specific and fresh ingredients for the
exceptional taste which can only be found in India. However, looking
at the demand and population growth in the community there have
been many supermarkets that have included some of the crucial spices and ethnic food items. At present there are ample of supermarkets around the country
and Superstore is one of the finest names that people pick for
their grocery shopping. In Vancouver too, the supermarket
is becoming popular as a one stop shop for mainstream and
ethnic products. The difference that makes Superstore distinct
is the element of ‘freshness’. Recently, The Asian Star had words with Remo Mastropieri,
Store Manager of Superstore located at 350 S.E. Marine Drive
Vancouver who told that the store’s speciality lies in offering
products in different diversity groups. Remo said, “The location has wide population of South Asians around the location who love shopping at the store
because of the wide range of food products available for them.”
Initially Superstore had a few items for ethnic groups in the
area that grew up with time and today, they have almost all
kind of multicultural food materials. The store keeps looking
at the demand of the people and that’s how the new products
get introduced on timely basis. To touch more of the ethnic demand, one of project
Superstores in Toronto included Naan bread machines, wide
variety of Indian sweets. Remo told us that after
in-depth analyzation of market, the most demanded
products will be introduces in other stores. He also told us that the
motive of Superstore is to offer healthy food at lower
prices for healthy living. At present the Superstore
in Vancouver are Canned Beans, flour, frozen samosas,
masalas etc. which are important everyday food
items and the store offers them for great price deals. Remo told that their PC plus
program is one of the best savings program for customers
through which people can save a lot of points and redeem
them for further products. Also, the card provides customer
specific deals. Superstore being a responsible corporate,
also takes part in important South Asian Functions including Vaisakhi, Diwali etc.
According to Remo, the Diwali offers 2016 are going to start soon. He told that in coming weeks they will be letting masses know about Diwali offers 2016.
With the goal to feed everyone, Superstores is involved in many charities and organisations in order to feed the needy people. They also
hold campaigns wherein the Superstore team goes to various schools and provide breakfast for the children. Giving details on the same, Remo told,” We
pick different schools at different times, go there, cook food for the kids and serve them
which justifies Superstore’s goal.” Also in coming weeks the Superstore
fundraising is going to start wherein the grants proceed to disabled people. Apart from being a responsible Supermarket catering towards the needs of variety of diverse
groups in Canada, the store also understands its social responsibility which marks it highly special. They keep testing various things on timely basis for providing best of the facility to customers and the best of the freshness in the food so that people can enjoy and stay healthy.