Passion for beauty turns to success

Many stylists leave beauty school with dreams of
eventually opening their own salon, with their own clientele,
own product lines and décor. The reality? Most of them will
be stuck working for someone else, renting a chair, or giving
up their dreams entirely.
But, that wasn’t what fate had in store for one Nubody
customer. Manee is typical of today’s modern young women
that enjoys keeping in shape, eating healthy and, along with
her friends, loves regular trips to her local beauty salon. In
fact, she loved her laser hair removal and skin treatments
so much that when she
learned the owner of
the salon she frequented
was thinking of
retiring she bought the
“At first it was a bit
intimidating owning a
salon, I’ve never had any
aesthetician training,” says Manee, “but, with the NuBody’s
training program I was confident using the Dermalase IPL
device within the first week.”
“Manee was a delight to work with,” recalls Amanda
Hall, President of NuBody Equipment Sales. “She was
so enthusiastic and asked many of the typical questions
business owners new to the Dermalase laser might have.
But, we provide complete training and certification and as
well we walk each new owner through the process of setting
up their first laser business – whether
that’s a small home based spa or street
front salon – they will be treating clients
in no time at all.”
“What I also love is the regular
customer support from NuBody,” says
Manee, “every month I meet with a
service representative and learn about
new research in the industry as well as marketing advice on
how to continue growing my business.”
Manee has been in business now for many years and
each day is still as exciting as the first for her. “I might have
fallen into this opportunity, but I’m so happy that I did and I
wouldn’t change it for the world, “ Manee enthused.
“In today’s competitive job market, it’s tough to find
full-time work in a career that you love, “ says Amanda,
“Our customers come to us from diverse backgrounds –
aestheticians, students, doctors, homemakers,” she says.
“But all of them have the same goal: to create a successful
business in an industry they are passionate about.When
someone buys a Dermalase IPL, they are taking charge of
their dreams. It’s not like operating a restaurant in a super
competitive industry where you have to work from early
morning to late nights. Our average client probably works
less than 15 hours per week. The one thing you can’t buy in
this life is more time and that’s likely the reason our business
is booming”
Amanda also believes the popularity of the Dermalase IPL
comes from giving people an opportunity to take control of
their own careers. “Every time we sell a device, we are also
introducing people to entrepreneurship” she says. “Opening
a business can be scary, but at NuBody, we partner with each
client and help them with device training and certification
as well as marketing. Our customers become like family
and can take comfort in knowing that although they may be
starting a business for themselves – they are not alone”


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