Health Coach: Gary S. Mangat

Gary S. Mangat

Whenever our body behaves differently,  Doctors are the people who come to our
mind. Actually, our society cannot be imagined without them as they hold a very
special place for all, regardless of age, race or any discrimination. Not to forget, there
are many kinds of treatments out there and every one of them has some pros and cons.
However, in today’s time it is seen that if one doctor specializes and believes in a particular therapy, there are very few chances that he/
she will support the other therapies. Lately The Asian Star got a
chance to interact with Gary S. Mangat, a passionate learner
in the field of Medical studies. What interested me the most
about him was his years of experience in Medical field and
his longing for research and learning new things in his field.
“My main objective is to help my patients out. I feel connected
to them once they visit me and share their health issues, I leave
no stone upturned in helping them”, told Gary.
His love for Medical field is inherited from his Grandfather, who was a qualified
homeopathic doctor in India. Gary came to Canada in 1977 and started practicing homeopathy. “People hardly knew about homeopathy back then, so I got into some odd jobs and became an applied technician but my love
and sentiments for homeopathy followed along”, told he.
They say every person has his part to be played in his life,
so while his struggling phase Gary moved to
Calgary, where he got books and studied them
thoroughly. “No matter how huge your knowledge is in any
field, a certification is required, so I studied a lot on medical
issues and I did my certification in nutrition”, said Gary.
Gary’s learning process is never stopping. He specializes in Naturopathy,
Ayurveda, Homeopathy, Urban Medication and Nutrition. Also after diagnosing
his patients, he uses all these therapies simultaneously for giving them the best
results. “ Most of the health issues that people face today are the outcome of their wrong diet habits. If the problem is intense, I even recommend Allopathy to my patients. Every
treatment has it’s limitations and we should accept that, also we must regard the qualities
of other treatments”, said he. His approach to medication itself is a
revolution. From simple issues like headaches to complex problems like Diabetes including type 1 and 2, Gary has treated them
profoundly and the list of his success goes on. “I always try capturing
the root cause of the problem and work
on it rather than suppressing the current condition”, smiled him.
At present, Gary continues his practice at his clinic named Holistic Health Restoration
Center where he has all the facilities required and his patients love him for his amazing
approach in helping them get well.
For details, contact Gary @ 604.808.8769



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