Hardeep Khabra’s Passion For Science Led To A Career In Pharmaceuticals

Hardeep Khabra is a well-known and respected pharmacist, who serves as
the managing pharmacist at Blueridge Pharmacy in Abbotsford. Hardeep has been with Blueridge Pharmacy since it first opened nearly nine years ago.
Although Hardeep currently works as the head pharmacist his beginnings were much more humble. Hardeep was born in 1958 in a small northern Indian
village called Ghumiala. Hardeep lived in Ghumiala for four years before his
family started a continuous state of moving throughout India. Moving
homes and cities became a constant in Hardeep’s life. He attended twelve different schools within ten years. Hardeep’s family was in a constant state
of moving because his father, Amar Singh Khabra, worked as a consolidation officer. The constant change of space, school, and friendships allowed Hardeep to not only adapt
to change but also to develop resilience, which he would later apply during his years in Canada. While growing up in India, Hardeep was a studious
student and had aspirations of becoming a veterinarian. Khabra followed his dreams of becoming a veterinarian and enrolled in veterinary college in India, which he
attended until the age of twenty-one. It was when Hardeep was twenty-one years of age that his brother, Harjit Singh Khabra , sponsored him, his parents, and his two siblings
to come to Canada. Hardeep left his schooling, friends, and the life he had lived in India behind to join his brother in a country he had never seen before.  Coming from India to Canada, the cold weather shocked  Hardeep. His earliest memories of being in Canada involved  cold weather and sore shoulders (the  former causing the latter). Hardeep
adjusted to the cold Canadian  seasons and he no longer has to deal  with sore shoulders. Hardeep did  not only adapt to Canadian weather,
but also the schooling system. When  he arrived in Canada he received  advice to not finish his Indian  education in Canada. Hardeep then  decided to start a new degree, and
enrolled at the University of British Columbia, where he graduated with
an honours degree in microbiology  in 1984. After finishing his degree in
microbiology, Hardeep considered  pursuing research and medicine.  These fields required lengthy schooling and grueling hours and they did not work well with Hardeep’s vision for his future, or his growing family, as Hardeep married in 1981 to his wife,
Sandy Khabra, and his first child was born in 1984. Hardeep finally found his calling in pharmaceutical sciences, as it worked with his love for science and medicine and allowed
him to be able to spend time with his loved ones. Hardeep went on to graduate from UBC’s Faculty of Pharmaceutical Sciences in 1988. After graduating from UBC, Hardeep went to work at a pharmacy in Vernon for fourteen months. After gaining the experience, he returned to Metro Vancouver and began working as the head pharmacist at Cloverdale Pharmasave in Surrey. After dedicating 18 years to Cloverdale Pharmasave, Hardeep took on the position of head pharmacist of the newly established Blueridge Pharmacy
in Abbotsford. Hardeep, someone who is accustomed to change, took on the opportunity to start a new challenge. He has now worked at Blueridge Pharmacy for almost nine years and the risk to start something new definitely paid off, as he is not only loved by the staff members but also by all of the recurring patients who visit Blueridge Pharmacy
on a regular basis. Hardeep has greatly contributed to making Blueridge Pharmacy one of the best pharmacies in Abbotsford.  Outside of work Hardeep enjoys spending his time
reading, gardening, and relaxing. Hardeep particularly enjoys gardening; an activity that he believes provides exercise and allows him to relax. Hardeep strongly
encourages people to follow their passion and has never pressured his children to follow his career path, as he stated“if you enter the wrong field, you will not live a
happy life” Hardeep’s future plans involve more gardening, relaxing, and eventually a road trip across Canada, as he wants to see the entire country, a country that he now calls his home.