Education Leads to Success for Gurmeet Singh Gohalwar

The commonly used phrase “Education leads to Success” has been applied to every aspect of Gurmeet Singh Gohalwar’s life. He is the name behind the huge success of well-known educational institute, Lead Institute, in Surrey.
Gurmeet Gohalwar is a lifelong learner and insists that the importance of education in his
family dates back to his father, S.Gurcharan Singh Gohalwar, who was a notable writer and preacher. Gurmeet also emphasized that his mother also educated him on various matters, such as humility and to respect everyone regardless of their religion, caste or status. He is completely devoted to his work and inspires everyone around him, a trait well displayed by his very handsome and humble sons, Gurman Singh and Inderbir Singh. His eldest son, Gurman earned an engineering degree from the University of Victoria, and his youngest son, Inderbir, is a doctor. Gurmeet’s wife, Kulbir Kaur, has always been a great supporter of Lead Institute’s establishment and growth and is also an education advocate. Kulbir Kaur has helped her husband to actualize his goal of creating an educational institution that helps tutor high school, college and university students in subjects like mathematics, science, and English. Gurmeet Gohalwar was born in the small village the Gohalwar, near Amritsar in the year 1958. He moved to Vancouver in 2004. Gurmeet Singh, along with his wife and elder son,  Gurman, opened Lead Institute in 2011 with the hope  of spreading his knowledge of various part-time
courses, including a real estate course, mortgage broker course, basic security course,
insurance (Fundamentals, CAIB2, CAIB3 and CAIB4), food safe test, IELTS,
CELPIP, spoken English and preparation for the citizenship test. He has helped thousands
of students become capable and competent enough to work in various professional fields. This also enables them to find wellpaying jobs while building a reputable career for themselves. It agonizes him to see a large number of immigrants leave a settled life in their home countries and continue doing manual labour jobs in Canada. He welcomes and urges new immigrants to get counsel regarding what courses they
can do tofurther establish themselves in Canada. He chose to open his institute at
82nd Avenue and Scott Road in Surrey as it is transit accessible for new students and
immigrants. Gurmeet Gohalwar has had the privilege of having students come from a
number of cities throughout British Columbia, including Richmond, Delta, Vancouver,
Abbotsford, Maple Ridge, Mission, Kelowna, Victoria and Nanaimo.
Gohalwar has done all of the courses offered at Lead Institute himself, and at an
age when a great number of people find it difficult to return to academia. Gurmeet’s
excellence in the educational field is attributed to his master’s degree in Economics
from Guru Nanak Dev University, Amritsar and his years of experience as the Senior
Manager of Punjab National Bank, the second largest bank in India. He has provided
work opportunities to many people who are highly dedicated to obtaining excellence
in their given fields. There is a wide range of professionals working at Lead Institute, which includes doctors, engineers, and teachers. Gurmeet is a big community supporter and proudly represents his faith in the professional field. He also strongly encourages younger generations to volunteer their time to provide unbiased quality education for the general public. Gurmeet Singh and his family’s hopes and aspirations for the future of Lead Institute are simple; they desire continuous growth for the company and to help a wider range of people reach their fullest potential through the power of education. Gurmeet Singh speaks very modestly of all of the work he has done to date and continues to remain humble despite creating a considerable amount of success for himself and his family in both India and Canada. The staff at Lead Institute wholeheartedly welcomes everyone who chooses to either start a new career or upgrade their qualifications, to their office at 8296 – 120 St, Surrey.