Celebrating ten years of SUPPORT: Punjab Insurance

Any business is successful because of the  support the community gives to it, so, it is
very important to appreciate and give back to  the community a recognition for the support.
Such is the attitude of Sandeep Ahuja, the  head of Punjab Insurance in Western Canada.
Punjab Insurance is one of the most  dependable names in the field of Insurance.
Sandeep started his career as an  insurance agent . After gaining
appropriate experience in the field, he collaborated with his one of his
colleagues Sherjung Singh Rana and started the venture. “The support of the community
was immense right from the beginning and the name ‘Punjab’
was quiet relatable for South Asians, so the wings of dreams got their
fire”, smiled Sandeep while talking to The Asian Star.
“After reaching a level when I thought the business got stabilized,
I felt like helping more people and getting them into the field along so that the
hardships they face can be reduced”, said him.
As per Mr. Ahuja, Punjab insurance was the first brokerage that invited people and guided
them to get into the field. With days passing by, the Punjab Insurance team grew and the organization spread its wings nationally. Initially the business was not established in
Vancouver area but with the rising demand of the field and potential in the market, Mr.
Sandeep Abuja moved to Surrey. “It was not an easy decision for me but as
we started here, we instantly had 30-40 agents working with us. Seeing the growth we opened up our own office in the city. At present there
are more than 400 people working with us”, told Mr. Ahuja.
The achievements of this company are many but they are the
pioneers in serving this underserved sector of the western
market that was most needed at the
time. “People knew about car and home
insurance but they didn’t have idea about life insurance, disability insurance and
much more. We guided them to the best option suitable to their needs so as to help
them instead of just making money”, told him. The company has recently completed their
10 years of service and for the support that community is giving
them, they have initiated a draw. “This draw is continuing till
Lohri 2017, and anyone starting from a pregnant lady till 25 years
of age can give in their names for it”, told Sandeep. Everyday, every moment large
number of people give their names in this draw and every
week someone wins something. The prizes include tablets, iPads
and much more. The final draw of Las Vegas Trip and Family trip
to Disney land is planned on the auspicious day of Lori festival.
“For new expected moms and the people celebrating their child’s first Lohri,
we have kept a gift for sure as its just a way to
appreciate them”, said him. For adding the names into the draw, it
doesn’t require one to be Punjab Insurance’s client. “We will give weekly gifts to the winner in our office itself, and for the bumper prize the
draw will be done at our headquarters on 13 January 2017 in the presence of management”, said Mr. Ahuja. Mr Sandeep Abuja is a very prominent
figure in the insurance industry who keeps highlighted in the media for various
interviews. “I feel satisfied to inform people in-depth about the new offers and insurance policies”, added him. With the growing need and demand,
Punjab Insurance is also opening their new branch in Abbotsford this November.
Punjab Insurance has made it easier for people to enter their name through their
website, www.punjabinsurance.ca.  For enquiries, contact: 604-349-4040.


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