An artistic conversation with Subhash Gogi

They say,”age marks no bar when it comes to living ones
passions”, and Mr. Subhash Gogi is a live example of this.
Subhash has educational degrees in variety of the field ranging
from Zoology to Journalism but his love for Indian classical
arts never declined.
“I have now retired as a Government employee but even
while I was working, enjoyment was always on my priority list
for which I kept in touch with my music talent”, Said Subhash.
Before joining his last job, he was a professional guitar
player and was highly renowned for his adeptness with playing
Indian Classical music on guitar.
“Now that I have retired from my job I am full time engrossed
with music.the guitar I play is slight guitar. I have chosen it
because this instrument is highly used in western country
music and I wanted to collaborate with western musicians and
create fusion affect of slight guitar”, told he.
Subhash was spotted in Surrey BC for his friend’s Son’s
wedding where he presented his talent in front of the people
who came in to be a part of the celebration.
“It was a delight to play collaboratively with a local tabla
talent Cassius Khan”,Subhash said.
Despite of his amazing talent, he could not pursue his carrier
in music as the field was considered fudel by the society.
” Mangnihar and Langha- two renowned music styles are
linked to the beggers and everyone would look down upon, so
we couldn’t even think of getting a decent lifestyle with music
as profession by that time”, told Subhash.
Subhash’s musical journey was started from his early
childhood as his father too was a music lover. At the age of 6,
he would fluently play harmonium and astonish people with
his skills.He started playing guitar in grade 9 and never looked
back. There was no deficit in his practice and praises for his
“The first complement I received for my performance was
from the famous Punjabi poet and writer Shiv Kumar Batalvi
but I was not familiar with his name at that time”, he told.
At present, he is working on promoting Indian classical arts around the
world and is looking for more people to join him with his initiative.
For details and inquiries contact Subhash @


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