PM Trudeau invites US president-elect Donald Trump to visit Canada

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau spoke with Trump by phone last night to discuss ‘various areas of mutual interest’.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has invited US president-elect Donald Trump to visit Canada “at his earliest opportunity.” PM Trudeau called Trump on Wednesday night to congratulate him on his election victory, and the two discussed “various areas of mutual interest.”  “It was a brief call, but it was a strong beginning to what is going to be a constructive relationship,” Trudeau said during a news conference in Sydney, N.S., this morning.  Asked by reporters how he would explain to children that a “sexist, racist, bully” was taking office, Trudeau stressed the need to promote a strong working relationship with anyone who the American people elect.

It’s important to work constructively with whomever is president because “that’s what Canadians expect,” he said.”Canadians expect me to stand up for Canadian rights, Canadian opportunities, Canadian jobs and Canadian values,” he said. “And I will do that in a way that continues to do that in a way that continues to benefit our country and its position in the world.”

Trudeau said Trump expressed “warmth” for Canada during the call.

Trump extends invite

It has become a tradition that the first foreign visit by a U.S. president is to Canada. According to the Prime Minister’s Office, Trump also extended an invitation for Trudeau to visit Washington.

No details were provided on when either visit could take place.

Trudeau’s telephone call came after he met with some of his senior advisers and cabinet ministers, who discussed the tone and approach the prime minister should take in the debut meeting with Trump.

Carbon price plan

During today’s news conference, Trudeau was also asked if Canada’s carbon-tax plan would put our country at an economic disadvantage, given that Trump is opposed to such a scheme. But the prime minister insisted there is “tremendous economic disadvantage” to not taking strong action in the fight against climate change.

“We know that putting a price on carbon pollution is a way to improve our response to economic challenges, to create good jobs going forward, and to show leadership the whole world is looking for along with the solutions that go with it,” he said.