Door to door mail delivery: House of Commons committee recommends

  • A House of Commons committee is recommending Canada Post come up with a plan to reinstate door-to-door delivery in parts of the country that lost the service in the last year and maintain a freeze on the installation of community mailboxes.

Report, released today, also muses about expanding Canada Post’s mandate to provide what it calls critical digital infrastructure, including email services or “the basis for a Canadian social network.”

Liberal-dominated committee recommended the government look for ways to deal with the solvency of the Canada Post pension plan, which was a key issue during contract negotiations with the Canadian Union of Postal Workers.

The report comes months after the Crown corporation and its biggest union stared down the threat of a work disruption amid questions about the future of the mail service.

Conservatives on the committee didn’t back the report, saying the recommendations do nothing to address Canada Post’s serious financial shortfalls.

The NDP’s dissenting report criticized both the Liberals and Conservatives for closing the door on exploring postal banking services, an idea recommended by the postal union