Traffic ticket scam in Lower Mainland

Better Business Bureau warning of traffic ticket scam

ICBC and the Vancouver Police Department are aware of a new phishing scam in the Lower Mainland involving false claims of traffic tickets.

The Better Business Bureau says they’ve received several calls from people who have received emails, telling them they owe money because of negligent driving.

The email says has a fake case number and date of the “infraction” but gives no additional details. There is also a link where people are asked to pay, which is where credit card information is requested.  Similar cases have been seen in Ottawa and Guelph within the past week.

“This scam claims to have photo proof of the infraction, but we have yet to see any  pictures produced,” said BBB communications advisor Evan Kelly.

“This is clearly a scam and they are likely after your credit card information.”

The BBB says both ICBC and the Vancouver Police Department have confirmed they don’t issue traffic tickets or collect fines through emails.

Anyone who has been a victim of fraud, or knows someone who has been, can contact the Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre by calling 1-888-495-8501 or report it online at