Stabbing in Surrey’s Whalley area sends one in Hospital

According to the news from Surrey RCMP, the man is in serious condition after stabbing in Whalley area on January 2, Witnesses identified a suspect and police took them in to custody. Now the man is in hospital after being stabbed before 6 pm on Tuesday in the 10600-block of 135A Street in Surrey’s Whalley area.

Officers were interviewing other witnesses to determine the cause of the incident, which took place at the southern end of the area known as the Strip,considered by some to be the “Downtown Eastside of Surrey.”

Postmedia visited the area in 2016 to learn about an area that’s notorious for being “a one-stop shop for practically any vice, and trafficking in drugs, sex and stolen goods is the norm.”

The street, which is just a block away from busy King George Boulevard is home to many people living in tents and is regularly visited by police, fire, ambulance and other social services.