Several trees removed from Ladner’s Memorial Park

Improvements Plan: Ladner’s 47th Avenue saw several large trees fronting Memorial Park removed by the municipality as part of Delta’s Neighbourhood Road Improvements Plan.  Delta cut down four mature trees after removing the same number around the corner on 51st Street.

The improvement plan on 47th Avenue, between 51st and Garry streets, will see road widening, a concrete sidewalk built on the south side of 47th Avenue and angled, on-street parking. The project will also include angled parking on the west side of 51St Street, a new parking lot built for the Ladner Pioneer Library and future Reach facility, and a raised crosswalk at 47th Avenue and Delta Street.

The improvements also include a water main replacement at 51st Street and repairs to an existing storm sewer.

As far as the trees, engineering director Steven Lan said the smaller trees that were removed from 51st Street were replanted at Lions Park while a “more than two-for-one” replacement will take place from the larger ones removed along 47th Ave.