Investigation on: A burned body found in North Vancouver

A body found along Lynn Creek side in North Vancouver Monday was the victim of a homicide, investigators say.

In a written statement, the Integrated Homicide Investigation Team also said the body had been burned.


IHIT is asking anyone was was near this shelter over the weekend to give them a call.

“The victim has yet to be identified, and there remains many unanswered questions,” said Cpl. Meghan Foster.

“Once the identity is known, our priority will be to notify and support the family and attempt to piece together the events leading up to this tragic death.”

The shelter is in a heavily wooded area along the Bridgeman North Trail near Keith Road.

IHIT is asking anyone who was in the area of the shelter where the body was found over the weekend to give them a call.

Police could not say whether the homicide took place at the shelter or whether the body was moved there.