BC Election 2017: Harry Lali wins NDP nomination for Fraser-Nicola

Former NDP cabinet minister Harry Lali is looking to get back into B.C. politics, even though the party leader didn’t want him as a candidate.

On Friday Lali won the party’s nomination for Fraser-Nicola with a majority over Aaron Sam, the chief of the Lower Nicola Indian Band.

Lali has been elected to the B.C. Legislature four times since 1996, but in the 2013 election he fell to Liberal Jackie Tegart by around 600 votes.

Party leader didn’t want him as candidate?

Earlier this year NDP Leader John Horgan tried to persuade the political veteran to step aside as a candidate in favour of Aaron Sam, but Lali declined, saying he had his riding’s support.

“You have to work for it, you know. This is a an exercise in democracy and I’m all for democracy,” said Lali after his nomination win.

“I actually have a lot of respect for Aaron Sam. He put up a really good and valiant effort and I believe there is a future for him in politics when I am done here.”

Lali says although he was in favour of the Kinder Morgan Trans Mountain pipeline expansion in 2013, he is now toeing the party line and opposing the project.

Lali face off against Tegart again this year, along with Green Party candidate Arthur Green.