City of Vancouver’s update on Balmoral tenants relocation

With support from BC Housing, non-profit operators made efforts to expedite the availability of vacant units from recent turnovers, which occur regularly in SRO housing. The private sector units were either vacant units not on the market, or renting for more than $375/month. BC Housing is providing operating subsidies to ensure that no tenants are paying more than $375 in the private sector housing.

The City awaits the next steps from its prosecutor on proceeding with charges against the Sahota family for 64 bylaw violations. The City Prosecutor is an independent office within the City of Vancouver and operates under similar principles to Crown Prosecutors in the independent assessment and determination to pursue charges. We expect to have an update from the City Prosecutor on the bylaw violations involving the Sahota family in the coming weeks.

The City thanks everyone for their help and patience while we work to safely relocate all tenants to suitable housing.