Child luring charge to go ahead against RCMP officer

A Surrey Mountie will still face one charge of child luring in connection with a recent Creep Catchers video, but the officer won’t face a second charge of breach of trust.

The RCMP laid two charges last month against Const. Dario Devic following the release of a Creep Catchers video.

The vigilante group claimed to have caught an RCMP officer after luring him online with a woman posing as a 14-year-old.

A week later the RCMP confirmed it had arrested and charged a Surrey RCMP officer in the case.

Charges in B.C. are normally laid by the Crown, not police.

At the time, a spokesperson for the Surrey RCMP was unable to explain why police decided to lay charges themselves in this case.

After the charges were forwarded to the Criminal Justice Branch, the Crown announced today the charge of breach of trust did not meet its assessment standard.