Balmoral Hotel: City of Vancouver and BC Housing work to relocate residents

The City of Vancouver and BC Housing are actively working to evacuate residents from the Balmoral hotel in Vancouver. Residents have been receiving compensation packages from the landlord which is the final step before they’re considered fully moved out of the building into their new homes. To date, 80 tenants have been moved out of the building. The teams are working as fast as possible to get the remaining tenants safely moved. Anyone not moved out by this evening will remain in the building overnight.

The teams will continue working until 8:30p.m. and are offering support to tenants, including:   * A choice of appropriate housing options where pets and partners are welcome (pets are welcome in almost all replacement units)

* Boxes for packing  * Help with packing and unpacking boxes

* Moving boxes to new homes   * Extra help for those with health related limitations

* Support to access the landlord’s compensation package

* On-going help with their housing situation after they’ve moved, if needed

BC Housing and their non-profit housing partners responded to the urgent need for units for tenants of the Balmoral by finding 146 units available for $375/month. This challenge required seeking out units in a number of locations, and in a mix of non-profit and for-profit properties.