Asian Star photographer Chandra Bodalia passes away

The Asian Star community is heartbroken that one of its original Stars, photographer Chandra Bodalia, photographer of this newspaper since its inception, is no more. But his name continues to shine brightly. Asian Star Editor Umendra Singh and Chandra first met over 30 years ago and were friends and colleagues for the past 30 years.

Chandra Bodalia, star photographer in action here at Premier Clark’s office in 2016. Chandra was honored by the South Asian community as well at many fund raising events, funds raised to help pay for Bodalia’s cancer treatment. 

Chandra passed away at the Vancouver General Hospital at 9am on Wednesday, May 24, 2017, after a battle with throat cancer. Umendra was one of the last persons to see Chandra late on Monday evening at the Centennial Pavilion of the GVH. He was resting but opened his eyes for a few minutes when his wife told him Umendra had come to visit him. He looked at Umendra for several minutes, lifted his hand slightly and waved. Umendra said he did not realize then that it was a goodbye wave. RIP Chandra. You will be sorely missed by the staff of The Asian Star.