Arjan Bhullar is first ever South Asian UFC fighter

31-year-old Arjan Bhullar is an Olympic freestyle wrestler and 2010 Commonwealth Games gold medalist.

Now Arjan Bhullar has signed a contract to join the Ultimate Fighting Championship, becoming the first ever South Asian fighter in the organization.

“Another glass ceiling has been smashed,” Bhullar wrote on social media. “It’s official, we are headed to the UFC!”

While studying at SFU (Simon Fraser University) he was named the 2008 SFU Athlete of the Year and became a two-time NAIA Champion. In 2012, he was the first wrestler of Indian background to represent Canada at the Summer Olympics in London.

“When you are headed into battle and need the job done right, you call a Sikh… and they called the right one,” Bhullar continues in his Facebook post. “I will proudly represent the maple Leaf and be the ambassador for over 1.7 billion South Asians.

 “I full appreciate the significance of this moment, and understand the seriousness of the task at hand. We will prepare accordingly.”