According to a survey, most people want Greens to support NDP

An online survey indicates that 51 percent of respondents want  BC Greens to support the NDP in the legislature in the absence of a majority gov’t.

 Green party leader Andrew J. Weaver hasn’t indicated yet which party leader he’ll back as next premier of the province.  But according to a poll suggests most British Columbians don’t want him to keep Christy Clark in power.


Only 38 percent want the BC Greens to prop up a BC Liberal government.

Among BC Green voters, 62 percent want Weaver and his caucus to get behind an NDP government. Only 23 percent of BC Green voters think the caucus should back a BC Liberal government.

Nearly two-thirds of respondents thought that Clark should resign as BC Liberal leader if her party fails to form a government. Among BC Liberal voters, 46 percent think Christy Clark should step down as leader if her party ends up sitting on the opposition side of the legislature.

A bare majority, 52 percent, expressed satisfaction with the first-past-the-post electoral system in BC, in which single MLAs are elected in geographic constituencies. Almost two-thirds, 63 percent, think that any change in the electoral system should be approved in a referendum.

One of the BC Green party’s demands for its support is to change the first-past-the-post system to an unnamed form of proportional representation. The BC Greens want this to be in place for the next election without holding a province wide vote to gain citizens’ consent.