Legal marijuana growing operation destroyed by fire in Langley

Fire crews are mopping up after a major fire Thursday morning that might have stemmed from a legal marijuana growing operation in Langley.   The building was in flames when firefighters arrived, he added.  Fire department deputy chief Bruce Ferguson said there were at least two businesses in the structure, which was destroyed, including a legal grow-op that was licensed by Health Canada for 30 plants.As well, he said, there appears to have been a person sleeping in the grow-op who fled the scene when firefighters arrived.

Fire crews battle a large fire at a legal marijuana grow-op in Langley, Wednesday, June 22, 2016.
Fire crews battle a large fire at a legal marijuana grow-op in Langley

Ferguson doesn’t yet know how the fire started or whether it was related to the grow-op, only that “I’m going to guess that it was probably electrically-related, but that’s purely speculation.”  Ferguson said there is no indication that anyone was injured, although firefighters received third-party reports that there might have been two people inside the building. “We haven’t been able to confirm that.”  He had no information about the other businesses in the structure, adding the fire didn’t spread to adjoining buildings.  “Firefighters are still on scene doing the mop-up, hitting the hot spots, and then they’ll begin their investigation process.”


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