Kindness Personified Mr. Sukhdev Singh Sidhu

There are some instincts that we inherit from our parents
and because we spend our lives seeing them doing something
throughout the life, it inspires us to be that way as well. Such is
the case with Mr. Sukhdev Singh Sidhu, the owner of Bestway
Forex Exchange, who has always been inspired by his Father’s
Social work, and aspired to help the community in the very
same way. Sukhdev Singh Sidhu was raised in a
small village by the name of Wakilanwala
in Ferozpur, Punjab where not much of the
facilities were provided by the government in
those times. However, his father was the one
progressive minded person who had lived to
improve the situation in the area as well as
he advanced many things around. Following
his footsteps Sukhdev S. Sidhu also started
pouring his efforts in the betterment of his
area as well as other regions around and till
date he continues to do so.
“Social work has been in my blood since I
was a child. Our family has been devoted to
help the society from a long time and every
single person at home encourages me to do
that”, said Mr. Sidhu.
His devotion and dedication towards the
betterment of society is well judged on the
basis that even after coming to Canada and
settling down here with the whole family,
every single day he wakes up with a new idea
that could introduce at his village back home.
However, initially his life in Canada was a
struggle. “Life was hard when we came here. I started
working in mills to earn my bread but every
day I would plan for my life ahead and the
planning mainly included of how I can help
the society back home”, smiles Mr. Sidhu.
According to him the choice of his business was also on the
grounds of the time he and his family will have available to
plan strategies for the utmost development of his village. He
has already spent millions on various projects, but he thanks
people who have supported him with his vision. He supports
saving culture, increasing sports, spreading education, gender
equality and inspiring youth for a better tomorrow.
After doing so much for the community, this person is such
a grounded personality that people love to sit and talk to him
for long. The thing that touched me was when he said, ” I am
thankful to Bhai Kanhaiya ji Charitable Trust and people have
been crucial part in taking forward our ideas. There was no
college for girls in our area and they could not study after 10+2
which I thought was a huge concern in present times. So, we
started Bhagat Duni Chand Memorial Girls College.”
This initiative not only benefitted female students in the area but
so many students from various villages are coming to study here.
Also he mentioned that the result of his institute is 85-90% and
all students are merit listed. The school only had art subjects
when it was started and they are including Non Medical
stream too. “We are growing the institute and will keep growing it so
that our students get a chance to grasp finest knowledge in
order to stand equivalent in the competitive world”, told Mr
Apart from this, they are involved in medically important
activities i.e. blood donation and eye treatments. He is involved
in these initiatives from a longer time and year after year
people started being a part of the initiative. Talking about this
year’s numbers, the joint Blood Donation Camps with Bhai
Kanhaiya ji Charitable Trust were two, and 88 units of blood
were donated. Talking about the Eye Camps, in the recent one 581
people were donated the lens, 2133 people
got spectacles and around 2000 people received required
medicines. The amount of donations made themselves speak
about the success rate of the initiatives taken.
Apart from this Mr. Sidhu is a great lover of literature, and
he has opened a library as a tribute to his father in his village
where he keeps upgrading books for readers.
People like Sukhdev Singh Sidhu are a role model in the
society who inspire people to think different and also inculcate
the element of humanity in the modern world. His sparking
personality and soft tone encourages people to think for Social