Freezing temperature lingers on Metro Vancouver and Valley

Recent accumulation of snow in Greater Vancouver and Fraser Valley kept residents quite surprised by existing freezing temperatures, and also kept he city crew busy.

Snow arrived in the early hours of Monday and it was quite surprising.

The city continued to deal with arterial routes Tuesday by removing snow that remained in the left-turn bays or on the side of the road. Secondary routes will be completed in the next few days.

The city has four single-axle dump trucks with plows and salters, two backhoes and one walk-behind snow blower in its fleet.

Since the beginning of December, the City of White Rock has dispersed more than 264,000 pounds of salt, according to its website.

The city is requesting that people respect road closures, which are often due to slippery conditions on steep roads.

White Rock property owners and occupants are required by city bylaw to clear snow and ice from sidewalks surrounding their properties by 10 a.m.


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