Ethics and Legality is our strength Canadian Motors

By: Chhavi Disawar


From the very childhood, we all have been hearing that honesty is
the best policy but it’s usually seen that with our age growing up, we
forget to inculcate those values in ourselves. However, the people who mark themselves different are the ones who implement the positive qualities in their daily lives, from
their personal to professional life. Recently we got a chance to meet up with Gursharan
Nijjar, Bill Gill and Kulwinder Bhela, who have collaborated their expertise in the field
of used car dealership and their ethics to build Canadian Motors. Though the company is
relatively new but their service had made them highly popular amongst the buyers.
The business model of the organization is unique in itself, which provides them a wider
arena to serve their customers better. “After working in the industry, we wanted
to take all the good experience with us and fill in the void that was necessary
to give better experience to the buyers, so we started on
our own”, told Gursharan in an interview with The Asian
Star newspaper. “The car industry has
naturally been given the image that it rips people’s pockets off. Our main
focus was to do the things differently and provide people with the
product that is right for them”, said him. One of the major specialities of the
organization is their buy local, sell local theory. In used car business, people do cross
border trades but they focus on Canadian product, precisely a
product from BC. As for the variety, the business is not targeted towards a
particular style or sector of cars. They have more than
3500 cars available weekly which gives the buyers a vast pool to choose from.
“We may relatively be small in size in comparison to other businesses around
the city but we cater to each and every need of our customers and provide
them the product in their desired budget”, told Gursharan.
The company is a one stop destination for the buyers as they offer financing and leasing solutions which saves time for the buyers. Apart from having strong ethics and work
culture, the organization is actively involved in giving back to the community. From
supporting cultural activities to major health issues, they
never put their foot backward. “We always want
to give back to the community, and I believe it’s a two way
process. We all have to support each other in
order to build a better world”, told Gursharan.
Another amazing fact is that the partners put all the support
funds from their personal accounts rather than from the
company’s account. Also they shared
their expert advice for people planning to buy a car:
1. Research: “Do your homework, don’t take it for
granted as you are paying a lot for the vehicle. Do
not forget to go through google reviews before
going to a dealer, and never get allured by the
fancy setups at the first spot”, said Bill Gill.
2. Budget: “If we talk about youngsters, especially
students make the mistake of going out
of their budget which they realise in the later
times. Youngsters are usually allured by the
competition and have high expectations”. “They
want to impress others instead of fulfilling
their needs, and it’s becoming a trend to
compete in car brands but you need to stick
to a budget”, said Kulwinder. 3. Don’t rush:
“Usually people rush when they see the
vehicle they want to  buy in the back of their
mind but slow down, try consulting other
dealerships too before making a decision
because you may pay a higher amount of
money than the actual price”, told Gursharan.
For details contact:  Canadian Motors @  (604) 598 8080


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