Punjabi Singing Sensation Baljinder Rimpy is ready to rock the stage

Around 20 years ago, time was way too different than that of todays. Pens and notebooks had their special place in everyone’s life which has now been taken over by smart phones and tablets. Internet was not a necessity and even technology was not as advanced as we see today. The time when one of the few sources in India i.e. national
Channel ‘doordarshan’ was considered prominent for showcasing talent. It was the era when singers would wait for their songs to be seen on TV screens and wait for people to
get back to them for the feedback. That was the time when Baljinder Rimpy captured the hearts of people. “In fact it was to my surprise that my song gets played
once on doordarshan at night and the very next morning the appreciation calls start flooding at my home”, smiled Baljinder Rimpy in an Interview with The Asian Star newspaper. Baljinder Rimpy was blessed with the golden voice
which always made her to stand out of crowd from the very childhood. She always adored and listened to Surinder kaur and Amar Noorie. While studying in grade 5, her teachers caught her humming a song in the class. “They called me and asked me to sing aloud. At first I was kind of scared but I knew I sang well so I started singing
Madhaaniya (A Punjabi folk), which astonished them. After which, I represented my school everywhere in Singing competitions”, told Rimpy. Rimpy constantly won the Best Singer title in her school till Grade 10, after which the story twisted.
The budding artist wanted to fly with the wings of her talent but during that time, Music was considered a practise of Feudalism. The family stopped supporting her, and her dad
would scold her for choosing music. “I started getting sick. At that time I felt like nothing was helping out and my dream to sing will come to an end. I would
say the Doctor who treated me, was the one who is responsible
for the place I now hold in the industry”, said Rimpy. The family agreed to support her with her passion on Doctor’s advice and when her first song became a hit, Rimpy’s
father not only appreciated her but felt proud of his daughter.
They say when you have zeal and positive intent, your
passion takes a firm shape. That is what happened in Baljinder
Rimpy’s case. Staring from the hit cassette Gora Rang gulaabo da, Sohneya
aaja ve, Rajj Rajj ro lainda, Channa ve ikk tere karke to the
very latest Yaaran de yaar, Rimpy’s voice has been loved by
As for her show career, in 1996, she did her first live show in USA after which her career took a flight. She was the #252 – 8138 128th Street, Surrey 6 month intensive morning classes begin Sept. 11, 2017; 8:30am-12:30pm (Mon-Fri)
Punjabi Singing Sensation Baljinder Rimpy is ready to rock the stage
preference for every Punjabi Cultural show  happening anywhere in the world.
In 2008, she came to Vancouver for Teeyan event, where she shared the stage with
Surinker Kaur, Satwinder Bitti, Amrita Virk and Gippy Grewal.
At present, she is in BC again for her shows on Jun 10-11 in Abbotsford and Jun 17 in
Richmond. “The response has been tremendous so far
and we are hoping for an energetic event”,
said Rimpy.  For details of the show, contact Davinder