“Go with the flow of your instinct” Dilraj Ramuwalia

The art of an artist is born with the artist itself and it is seen
from the very childhood of the person. Dilraj Ramuwalia is
also one of the most talented in-born singers who, from the very childhood
knew that he is sent to this planet for singing. “My inspiration was my maternal uncle,
who is also a renowned name in the industry. When I started my school journey, my
teachers would randomly pick me up and would ask me to perform in front of the whole
class, that boosted my confidence in many ways”,said Ramuwalia.
With the most melodious voice, Ramuwalia chooses to sing the type
of songs that touches the soul of a person.“I like Sufi music and
in all my songs one can feel the affect of Sufism. I love the songs that
have meaning to them and also are full of message”, smiled him.
Ramuwalia’s key to success is his grounded-ness. Apart
from being gifted with voice naturally, he has formally taken classes
from highly renowned Indian Classical Music teachers, and that has made a difference.
“If you talk about learning music, I would say that I learn it every day. Its my nature to learn new things from each and every person that comes across”, ”Also I would advice the new comers to have patience and take one step at a time because you cant reach the
topmost ladder without climbing all, and it’s a stepwise process”, he smiled.
He has come to Canada for his performances in BC and Alberta and people have welcomed him whole-heartedly. “When I was coming here, it was kind of
unpredictable thing, as I was not too sure what would be the reaction of the audience
but I was overwhelmed by the response and love that people have given me in BC;
especially to my song Gaddian Wali Taaro “, told Ramuwalia.
Not to forget, the song got so famous at the time it was released that Surrey’s renowned
Gurdip Arts Academy did a choreography on the same, which was highly appreciated.
Apart from being a fabulous singer, Ramuwalia has also composed many superhit
songs. Though he sings in Punjabi at this time but his deepest desire is to do playback
singing in Bollywood. “Punjabi is my mother tongue, and this language is the
reason for me to be renowned amongst the masses. I owe to
this language and I am ready to contribute towards the development
and promotion of Punjabi till the last day of my life”,
he smiled. He loves reading good books and is a huge fan of
poetry, which can be seen in his personality. “ I am about to finish my book of Hindi Ghazals. I think it is a way to share your thought process most beautifully and simply.
Also you can bring about a change with books”, he said. Dilraj is an amazing artist and an inspiring person who likes to encourage others to live up to their passions and exceed in them. His next show is happening in Alberta on 17th of June.

Chhavi Disawar