BC elections 2017: Premier-designate John Horgan for new kind of leadership

NDP’s John Horgan has been asked to form next government after toppling premier Christy Clark in a non-confidence vote yesterday, ending 16 years of BC Liberal rule in BC.

John Horgan announced that he will become the next premier, following a tumultuous day that saw former premier Christy Clark’s BC Liberals fall in a 44-42 vote of no-confidence.

The date has yet to be set for the swearing in of BC’s 36th premier.

The longevity and success of his term will depend on the strength of the agreement between NDP’S John Horgan and Green Party’s Andrew Weaver, who has pledged his caucus’s support to Horgan on matters of confidence.

It also rests on a razor-thin majority of 44 NDP and Green MLAs to the Liberals’ 43.



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