An artist with a purpose RAJ KAKRA

Every person in this world is blessed with some
talent, the need is to recognize and polish it.
People who find for their special gift, end up
being an inspiration for others, and if this gift is
combined with a purpose, gives birth to a legend. Situations
teach one a lot of lessons and it was the effect of situations
faced by a young boy at a very early age that made him
pen down his thoughts as a way to communicate with the
paper. Slowly and gradually this habit was nurtured and
nourished, which gave birth to a beautiful and meaningful
poetry that gave a name and fame to Raj Kakra.
“For any art to flourish, there has to be an inspiration.
For me that inspiration bloomed from the harsh times I
have been through”, told Raj to the Asian Star newspaper.
After giving fistful of very popular songs to brilliant
voices in the Punjabi Music industry, He recorded his
first song in 2012 which marked an impression on every
Punjabi’s heart. Talking about his sudden inclination
towards singing he said,” I never wanted to be a singer,
however I wanted to take my career differently. After
writing so many romantic songs, I decided to proceed
ahead with history and culture as my subjects for writing.”
Raj Kakra’s work in history and cultural song writing
is applauded throughout Punjab and is also recognized
among Punjabi community living abroad.
“I want to preserve our rich culture and history now.
I think, as a writer its my moral responsibility to pass it along to the
upcoming generation”, told Raj. Apart from writing
songs in historical and cultural context, Raj has also made some movies
that are based of Societal issues and awareness.
Right now he is working on two movie projects
that surely will form to be assets for Punjabi
cinema. Lately Raj Kakra was spotted in his first
Canadian concert held in Surrey, where the response of the public was
tremendous. He has another concert in Toronto on May
27th, which again is one of its own kind musical evening.
By: Chhavi Disawar


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